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LinkedIn is now the ultimate hiring resource for recruiters in the world for international people. If your LinkedIn is optimized as per your profession, the more likely you will be contacted by a recruiter for opportunities.

More than 70% people were hired after recruiters found them on LinkedIn in UAE in 2016!

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become one of the most important site for HR people and recruiters in the world, whenever a position opens up in an organization the first thing, recruiters and HR people do is to post that job on LinkedIn and at the same time search for people with those skills such as “sales professional” or “marketing executive”.

Having a keyword optimized and well written profile will boost your chances to show up higher in the search results and hence you will come under the eyes of these employers.

What Is LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

A LinkedIn profile is technically your CV which is online for the world to see, so you should ensure that it looks better than your actual CV

It should be well optimized presentable; although LinkedIn provides its own format but you should ensure that the content of the CV should be optimized as per not only your profession, but also LinkedIn’s and Google requirements so that you end up showing higher on search results.

Why Use our LinkedIn profile writing service?

We'll optimized your LinkedIn Profile for better visibility!

  • Optimize your profile with highly searched relevant keywords so that recruiters can find your profile
  • Re-write your profile in a professional HR friendly narrative
  • Makes your professional profile stand out among hundreds of other profiles
  • A professionally written summary that briefly yet completely captures your professional career & your objectives
  • Remove spelling and grammar mistakes from your profile
  • Add Call To Actions in your profile
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