Components of a Resume in UAE

What makes a normal CV into a Perfect CV!

A resume or CV for the job market in UAE is very different, UAE has 2 major cities where people work one is Dubai and the other is Abu Dhabi, mostly people who apply from around the world have this keen desire to work in Dubai because there are a lot of investments globally in that city. So, a CV or resume can sometimes be made keeping Dubai in mind. However, if you end up in Dubai you may find yourself shifting or moving to Abu Dhabi, hence a resume for Dubai is feasible only if you keep entire UAE in mind.

In this piece we will discuss what specific things you should keep in mind while drafting your resume or CV when you are applying for jobs in UAE.

Normally a resume or CV contains contact details of a candidate, his career summary, skillsets, a brief outlook of his career history, achievements and educational qualification. It is the same for UAE job market but with a twist. Let’s discuss each of these portions separately.

Contact Details

Normally, worldwide contact details contain of a person’s residential address, his cell phone number and email address. The difference in contact details of a UAE resume is that they would also want your nationality, passport number and probably a skype id as well. Because mostly people who work in UAE are from other countries, expats or foreigners it is a specific requirement. Hence it is vital that you include these details in your CV or resume before even applying for jobs in UAE.

Professional Summary Difference

Professional summary in a UAE profile is not much different. However, it should emphasize your willingness to work abroad. If you use the same resume which you use in your country to apply without changing the professional summary in such a way that it shows your intention to work abroad or away from your home, then it could spell trouble for you. Try to include your intention to work internationally and if possible, include instances of where you have exhibited such traits.

Picture Requirement

In the west and most developed countries of the world, it is considered discriminatory and biased practice when recruiters or employers ask for pictures or images of the candidate. In the instance of UAE, it is mandatory as people are from different nationalities and countries, and mainly they have to match passport picture with the resume image. Hence it is imperative that you include a clear passport size professional image of yourself in the resume.


Skillsets are the key components of any resume or CV, this will not change much for a resume in UAE but do a market search of the jargons being used in your UAE against your skill sets and update them in your profile accordingly.

Job Duties

Try to make sure that when you write your job duties you mix them with your achievements, that kind of approach always works for resumes in UAE. For example, in a recruiter in Dubai might appreciate if he receives a resume or CV which is loaded with a lot of professional achievements on the part of a candidate. This will help the employer and the recruiter to make hiring decisions fast.


Try to include all of your academic qualifications which are relevant to the job nature which you are applying for. Professional certifications go a long way in UAE market. Keep an eye out for that.


Other information such as your marital status, which might be discriminatory in your country but is essential information needed by the employers in UAE, should be included in your resume for UAE.

So, you can see that there are some major differences of what constitutes a resume in UAE and Dubai, there are many professional resume writing companies in UAE as well and going for that option also may not be a bad idea. These companies have strong experience in creating profiles for the middle east region and may save you a lot of time and hassle of creating a resume for this market. Some of these professional CV writing companies have writers who have a lot of experience in writing profiles for that region. Good luck for your job hunt in UAE!

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