Finding Best CV Writing Services in UAE & Dubai

What is the best CV writing service in UAE & Dubai?

The answer to this question is very simple. The best CV writing company in UAE is any CV writing service that understands the local and the global CV writing practices. By local, we mean what is needed by someone who is applying for a job in UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi at large. There are numerous CV writing service companies in Dubai and less so in Abu Dhabi because most of the concentration of jobs is in Dubai when it comes to the UAE.

But what makes a CV writing company best?

In detail some of the following norms have to be followed by a company to stand out as the best CV and Resume writing company:

  • Top Formats
  • Excellent Content
  • Industry Experience
  • A great team
  • Delivery
  • Feedback and Revisions

Top Formats for CV in Dubai

When we answer the question of which is the best CV writing company this stands out as the most important case. Those companies which have been operating in the market for a long long time will have a multitude and a horde of formats for almost all positions and all industries. CV writing companies like these have a clear advantage over those companies who operate in specific industries or are relatively new in the CV writing business. When you hunt for a CV writing service in UAE then make sure that they have been in the market for a long time. The catch here is that most of the top firms for CV writing will never share their formats in advance as they consider and are assets for them. So good luck with that however you should rely mainly on Google to make sure you purchase a service that ranks well in the search engine.

The next section of this piece is perhaps the most vital part of any resume, any company or service which claims to be the best CV writing service in UAE should be a master of this..

Excellent Content in a CV or Resume

A great content-driven resume or CV doesn’t mean that the CV is loaded with a lot of words. It means that the CV is written strategically and words and sentences are spread across the document in such a way that there are harmony and sequence there. Great resume writing companies always write artfully. They make sure that the document is not overburdened with text, there is not an abundance of meaningless sentences, rather they tap into the psychology of the human resources or the recruiter or employer as to how he she will view your profile. They draft the resume in such a way that those one or two pages tell your entire story, sell and market you and finally close you (by getting an interview call, which is the ultimate purpose of a resume). You may not have gotten your money’s worth if you get a resume or CV which is extravagant in the use of text.

Industry Experience

The best CV writing service in UAE will have a lot of industry experience, they would ve been operating in the industry for at least 5 years, they must have made at least 500 resumes for different sectors, professions, and industries. This is a key factor to watch out for when you are searching for the best resume writing service company in Dubai.


Having an awesome team of not only content writers, but a good CV writing company will have a team of customer services, project coordinators and service delivery managers. Because the end-game is not only to draft the perfect resume but to make sure that you take a customer on board too and make his profile as per his liking as well. It goes without saying that a CV or Resume is made for the liking of HR & headhunters but it is equally important to take the customer on board too and educate him as to why his resume looks the way it does in the end. Most of the customers have this mentality of searching for aesthetics only, and they might feel unsatisfied. Well if you are a potential CV writing service consumer now you know why it is so vital to see how many levels of communication are involved so, at the end of the day, you do not end up getting a document which you are not prepared for.


The best resume writing service in UAE will have a time-frame of around a week to ten days, if anyone promises sooner without additional charges, know that your work will either be outsourced to some third-world country teams or that the company is not generating enough traffic and you are one of the few customers they have landed, although this can be a red signal, oftentimes these companies also deliver well. But if a company commits to a turnaround time of a week, then it is a safe bet and you are in safe hands because that will be the usual amount of time required to gather and create the perfect resume or CV for you for Dubai and UAE at large.

 Feedback & Revisions

Feedback and revisions are the key points when you are searching for the best resume writing service. Have a look at what they offering, are they offering quick resume revisions, ideally free, are they open to feedback once you receive your first document. A great CV writing firm will always be open to new suggestions and feedback.

Final words

So there you have it, if a CV writing service checks fine on all the above points then you are good to go. A final word is to also do a price comparison, don’t go for the most in-expensive ones nor very inexpensive try to look at their prices neutrally, talk to their agents and find out the process. This is obviously your investment and there is a fair chance that after getting your draft for the first time you might keep improving on that very same document for at least half a decade, so make sure you do your search thoroughly and if you do end up getting a great service then refer others so they also know which is the best CV writing service in Dubai.


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