• We have experience of crafting hundreds of Resumes/CV for people working or seeking jobs in Dubai & UAE. Our professional CV writers & HR experts know what recruiters are looking for.
  • Our team of expert CV Writing professionals is skilled in writing Resumes/CV for UAE job market because of their vast experience and understanding of UAE job market dynamics.
  • Our CV writing services are customized towards UAE based employment preferences which means that your resume will be reviewed and created as per the Dubai & UAE companies requirements.

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CV for Dubai is Different?

People seeking employment in Dubai have no clue of what type of CV/Resume is preferred by employers..

Although CV writing or the techniques of making a Resume are very complex but when you are trying to land a Job in UAE, then it can be even more difficult and daunting as the recruiters and people working in UAE expect a very different set of information and a very friendly and hassle free document to go through. This is where we come in. We have advanced experience in making and writing CV’s for UAE candidates.

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Our aim with your CV is to ensure that it is customized according to the needs of HR & Recruiters in UAE

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Providing professional CV writing services in UAE & Dubai

  • An awesome CV for you to take on UAE’s job market at your fingertips!
  • Our writers have experience in UAE as recruiters and as HR Personnel’s including a team of learned content writers.
  • Our writers are champions in industry specific CV & Profile writing.
  • Your CV/Resume is reviewed and approved by Industry Professionals & Head of HR before we send it to you.
  • By our strategic content, awesome design and targeted keywords in your profile, you will stand out from the competition.

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Entry/Fresh Level


Getting your first job is always a bit harder. We'll create your resume to reflect your potential and abilities that can be beneficial for a company. We focus on your skills, qualifications and other stuff that catches employer attention. Package includes: :
  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Thank You Note
  • Interview Follow Up Email

Senior Level


Suitable for candidates who are looking to advance their career to senior management position & have experience of 6 - 8years. The resume will cover their leadership, management, decision making & team building skills. Package includes:
  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Thank You Note
  • Interview Follow Up Email

Executive Level


Get a leading role in your profession with our executive level resume. Crafted with focus on leadership skills, competencies, management & development, we portray your success as a company success. Package includes:
  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Thank You Note
  • Interview Follow Up Email

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